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Thesis-Project : Sustainable Constructions - Eco-Village Community  

Will there be, in the future, space and living conditions for everyone? Food and pure water for all? Energy and resources? Will there ever be peace, freedom, equality and cooperation among mankind?This work represents a global view of this world we live in today with an environmental perspective and a positive attitude to the changes needed for a new way: A look at how the man on the planet has evolved, expanded and developed their own system of values and beliefs, organizing a civilization that has grown exploring all the features of the Earth with a single objective based on economic growth and forgetting the essentials of human and natural ecosystems; A look at the societies of the day today and how these are questions and propose to change its structures; A look at how science, technology and ultimately human consciousness can be combined and directed to the welfare of humanity and the environment. An approach to natural and human disasters of the present through Design for sustainable development in the future..



A Visionary Sustainable Future

We believe in a Humanity aligned with natural flows and eco-systems of the Earth, with a civilization based on three main bases: 1- Local Construction, 2- Local Resource Production & Management and 3- Energy, Water and Food Self-Sufficiency. It is time for experimentation and development of new economic, social and environmental models, in order to make progress in the use of the most efficient, profitable and null ecological impact techniques and methodologies, new forms and rituals for successful community development and human positive and regenerative impact. We envision the transition to Social Self-Sufficient Systems that work synergistically with the natural ecosystems and surrounding conditions.

Some of our inspirations are "The Venus Project", "New Earth Horizon", "Tamera Research Center for Peace",  "Thrive Movement", "Global Ecovillage Network", "One Community", "Ecovillagebook" "Rede Convergir", "Findhorn", "Suderbyn Ecovillage", "IYNF- International Young NatureFriends", "Gaia Education", "Foundation for Intentional Community" "BOOM Festival", "Terra Alta Permaculture Center", "Ecoaldeia de Janas", "Ecoaldeia do Vale", "New School Permaculture", "Damanhur", "Auroville", "Greenschool", "Crystal Waters", "Earthaven Ecovillage", "Green Village", "Ithaca Ecovillage", "ZEGG", "Ecovila Piracanga", "Ananda Kalyani", "Biovilla", "Vale da Lama", "Cal-Earth Institute", "Earthship Biotecture", "HomeBiogas", "PinhoPalha", "Open Source Ecology", "SoLua", "Fórum Terra", "Rede PAX", "Friends of the Earth", "Greenpeace", "Gaia", "WWF", "Earth Day", "Earth Hour", "SEE Holding", "SEPP", "Futuragora", "Wakeseed", "ProTerra", "Barefoot College", "UBUNTU", "Primal Gathering", "Coopernico", "Transition Network", "Centro da Terra", "Biodiversity 4 All", "Biovivos", "ECO CAMPUS Torres Vedras", "Regen Villages", and many others which daily co-create a better future for new generations on Earth.


In our journey as humanity, we will truly become children of Mother Earth when we embrace living with her, not just from her.
Live With Earth

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