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Live With Earth Organization is dedicated to tackling the pressing issues of soil pollution and degradation affecting our planet. We focus on a range of challenges, including desertification, nutrient imbalances, chemical toxins, microplastics, and harmful agricultural and industrial practices. Our mission is to develop and implement innovative and effective solutions to these problems, ensuring a healthier planet for current and future generations. We address these issues through research, project design and implementation, and by sharing our expertise in various sustainable practices. Our focus areas include Permaculture Design, Regenerative Farming, Land and Landscape Stewardship, Composting and Vermicomposting, Soil Building, Organic Gardening, Natural Fertilizers and Pest Control, Agroforestry, and Agroecology. Through education and hands-on projects, we promote sustainable solutions for soil health and environmental stewardship. By implementing these actions and tackling these problems, we create a significant impact in society and local communities. Working closely with our stakeholders and partners, we embody the principle of "local action for global change," driving sustainable development on a global scale.


Live With Earth Organization is dedicated to addressing the critical issues posed by the construction industry worldwide. Conventional building practices often rely on non-sustainable materials and methods that contribute to environmental degradation, resource depletion, and pollution. The extensive use of concrete, steel, and synthetic materials has significant ecological footprints, leading to a pressing need for more sustainable alternatives. We tackle these challenges by leveraging our expertise and team in Natural Construction. Our approach emphasizes the use of local raw materials such as clay earth, stone, straw, sand, hemp, cane, bamboo and wood. By incorporating these sustainable resources, we reduce environmental impact and promote ecological harmony. Our initiatives include designing and implementing projects that showcase natural construction techniques. We conduct research and share our knowledge through educational programs, workshops, and hands-on training. Our focus is on empowering individuals, collectives, and eco-communities to gain autonomy in self-construction, fostering resilience and sustainable living practices. Through these efforts, we make a substantial impact on both local and global scales. By collaborating with stakeholders and partners, we promote the principle of "local action for global change," driving the construction industry towards a more sustainable future and enabling communities to build in harmony with nature.

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Live With Earth Organization is committed to addressing the significant concerns related to the use of chemicals in producing artificial colors across various industries. The painting, ink, construction, textile, and ceramic industries often rely on synthetic pigments, which can have detrimental effects on the environment and, in some cases, on the quality of products and human health. These artificial colors contribute to pollution, resource depletion, and can introduce harmful substances into ecosystems and communities. We face these challenges with our expertise in Design Research and Social Innovation Models, focusing on the use of local natural pigments to provide ecological solutions in four key areas: ecological paints, ecological plasterings, ecological colors for ceramics, and ecological dyes. By harnessing natural resources, we reduce environmental impact and promote healthier alternatives for these industries. Our initiatives involve comprehensive research, project design, and implementation, aiming to replace synthetic pigments with natural ones. We also engage in education and training programs to share our knowledge and techniques. This empowers local communities and industries to adopt sustainable practices, enhancing product quality and environmental stewardship. In addition to industrial applications, we create positive community impacts by implementing eco-artistic installations in villages using local pigments. These projects not only beautify public spaces but also serve as educational and training opportunities, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of sustainable practices. Through these efforts, we drive significant change at both local and global levels. By working closely with stakeholders and partners, we uphold the principle of "local action for global change," leading the way toward a more sustainable and colorful future for all.

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